Itu Pun Jika Kau Percaya

I have seen love make man stagger

Prey on their weakness and wound their pride

But you won’t be touched by its dagger when you’re close by my side

If you’d only believe what your love mean to me

And I will climb with you the mountain,sail the shinning deep blue sea

Till we find a place where we can go,where a soul can be free,,never fear where this life takes you too, for you know I will always be there for you

Won’t you look at what we have right now..all things will comes to us in time

and if the sky comes tumbling down …raining too hard for you to see.. that’s the time when you’ll need someone around

Who’s got shoulder like me

can you tell me what your feeling now?

Open your heart so you can see..that in this world are so many ways we can get what we need.



Tentang unnanoche

I was born yesterday..and I feel as gulible today
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